Re: [DNS]'s for sale

Re: [DNS]'s for sale

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 09:01:16 +1100 (EST)
Let's pretend domains could be sold (for the sake of argument).

Would you expect the sale price to be higher or lower than the winning bid
at the auction?  If it's lower, then the seller won't make any money.
If it's higher, then none of the people who bid at the auction would
be interested (because they already decided not to pay that much).

I guess there could be businesses which don't exist now (or change
business in the next 12 months).  And businesses which didn't know
about the auction, but then what are their chances of finding one
of these sale sites which has a domain they want at a price they
are prepared to pay?

Given these factors, the chance of someone making money out of
trying to sell a domain they bought at auction seems pretty small.
(Because in order to win the auction, the "entrepreneur" would have
to bid more than anyone else wants to pay, in which case, who do they
sell to at a higher price?)

Hopefully would be "entrepreneurs" will be smart enough to realise
the risks of paying too much for a domain and getting stuck with it
(or having to sell it at a loss).  In which case, people who actually
want to use the domain for their own business are likely to value the
domain more highly, and therefore more likely to win the bidding.

In short, an auction system means that a lot less domains should be
available "for sale" than would have been the case if generics had
been released using a fixed price FCFS system (normal registration)
or a lottery style system.

Jason Parsons wrote:
] How many generics from auda auction and other names registered under
] new rules, will we see for sale in 12 months time?

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