RE: [DNS]'s for sale

RE: [DNS]'s for sale

From: Dassa <dasssa§>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 13:34:33 +1100
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|> I thought I did well finding a couple of names for 
|> sale on the net.
|> There's heaps of names at
|> a lot off them appear to be directoryaustralia names.
|> says it has been sold but aunic whois information

The web site is still operated by the same people.  They
are based in my home town actually.  Unfortunately, I suspect the
initial idea came from a discussion I had with one of the people who was
originally involved (might still be), except they didn't follow what I
was saying and they went out and spent something over 100,000 buying
domain names.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

PS...The e-info site also lists a large number of domain names under  Makes one wonder how they managed to register all these names.
There are a large number of generics within the list.  Be interesting to
see how many of them actually match up to company/business names. 
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