international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 04:36:55 +1100 (EST)
Domain Name News
Resale of domain names goes bust along with the dot-com era (Silicon
Timothy Lee prompted some head-scratching two years ago when he said
he turned down $8 million cash and $30 million in stock for the
``'' Web address he had registered years earlier for free.

Second thoughts on domain name rule (China Daily)
Chinese experts are cautioning the Internet's main standards-setting
body against hastily approving a controversial set of specifications
on internationalized domain names.

From BNA Internet Law News
News On Upcoming ICANN Meetings
Two developments of note regarding upcoming ICANN meetings -first,
ICANN announced yesterday that its June meeting will be held in
Bucharest, Romania. Second, Ben Edelman of the Berkman Center, which
had been involved in previous webcasts of ICANN meetings, has
announced that the Center will not be involved in webcasting the
upcoming Accra, Ghana meeting in March. Should the upcoming meeting
not be webcast, this would raise considerable concern since given the
distant meeting location for many involved in the ICANN process, one
would have thought that the Ghana necessitates full remote

From BNA Internet Law News
ICANN Warns Firms Of Domain-Registration Back Doors
ICANN has issued a warning to authorized Internet address marketers
who let other companies dip into the domain registration system,
reminding them that they are not allowed to let unauthorized third
parties access the complex systems behind the registration, transfer
and deletion of addresses. Access lending appears to be popular among
domain-name speculators fighting for the attractive monikers that
become available when their current owners fail to renew their
registrations.  Warning at
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