FW: [Oz ISP] The lovely folk at ING

FW: [Oz ISP] The lovely folk at ING

From: Rowe, Joshua <Joshua.Rowe§auspost.com.au>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:37:25 +1100
I have only received one of these so far.

ING must removed me from their "marketing" lists :-)

* any views are my own

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Has anyone else received paper spam from ING flogging off domains in the .bz

I can see how this will lead to massive confusion and problems with the .biz
domain names.

I have had customers who wanted .biz's but were unable to get them getting
up me because the lovely helpful people at ING have sent them notice that
the can have a .bz name!

I am particularly impressed by the 100% money back guarantee if the domain I
want is not available.  Hows that for customer service!!!



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