auDA constitution & Mr Peter Dean

auDA constitution & Mr Peter Dean

From: Twiggy Ramirez <twiggy2606§>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 03:02:36 -0800 (PST)
"Taking the view that the Internet Domain Name System is a public asset, and 
that the .au ccTLD is under the sovereign control of the Commonwealth of 
Australia, auDA will administer the .au ccTLD for the benefit of the 
Australian community." 

Peter Dean is currently making a mockery of auDA and treating others within 
this industry, in our community with total contempt and disregard. 

Peter Dean refuses to comment on the perceived cross-over between his 
responsibilities as an auDA director, and his business practices (reference: which could be perceived as shady. 

How can we have a representative on the code of conduct committee who 
engages in hijacking domain names, one who could be subject to 
misrepresentation? Surely Australian consumers, surely our industry players 
deserve a little more regard than that?. 

Peter Dean stated he would not be posting to this list and has in fact twice 
declared he has unsubscribe, and yet he appears with guns blazing defending 
himself like a thug and attempting to defame others each time his own 
business practices are questioned. Whilst of course, still failing to 
address the question of his own credibility. 

A study of human nature: Peter Dean writes to Dave Hooper daring him and 
going so far as to mention he'd made a $1000 bet with another that Dave 
wouldn't forward the email to the list. Dave Hooper had no problem with 
forwarding the email as requested by Peter Dean, content 
written by Peter Dean himself. Now this is were it gets interesting and the 
word SENILITY comes to mind Peter Dean then wrote an abusive email to Dave 
Hooper off list blasting him for  forwarding the email ?????????. 
Anyone out there caught up in Peter Dean's  little games should be aware and should 
totally ignore his stupidity, and obvious senility. 

Why is this relevant to this list? Because it's a little insight into an 
auDA director making a mockery, sitting on the fence, hijacking domain names 
(,, misleading Australian consumers, and treating 
members of our industry with total disregard whilst claiming to be a 
respectable saint. (And yes, we all do recall Larry Bloch claiming 
something similar)     

Peter - You have "sasha paranoia" syndrome. No one is out to get you. We are simply questioning your business practices and feel that you owe the industry some insight with regards to what could be perceived by the masses as shady practices. 

Twiggy Ramirez


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