RE: [DNS] auDA constitution & Mr Peter Dean

RE: [DNS] auDA constitution & Mr Peter Dean

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Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 22:30:52 +1100
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|> Subject: [DNS] auDA constitution & Mr Peter Dean
|> "Taking the view that the Internet Domain Name System is a 
|> public asset, and 
|> that the .au ccTLD is under the sovereign control of the 
|> Commonwealth of 
|> Australia, auDA will administer the .au ccTLD for the benefit of the 
|> Australian community." 
|> Peter Dean is currently making a mockery of auDA and treating others
|> this industry, in our community with total contempt and disregard. 
|> Peter Dean refuses to comment on the perceived cross-over between his

|> responsibilities as an auDA director, and his business practices
|> which could be perceived as shady. 

Although I might not agree with Peter on a lot of things, the fact he
has the domain name is not something that should be used
against him.  It is a failure of the namespace in general that allowed
the registration of the name in the first place.  It could be corrected
easily enough if AuDA wished to.  The fact no action other than the
requirement to place the link to the actual AUNIC website at the top of
the page means they have to wish to take further action regarding the
name and Peter is fully entitled to use it IMHO.

As a Director of AuDA there may good reason for him to not participate
in any decision regarding such names and their recovery.  

Unless there is some specific evidence of improper behaviour or conduct,
I suggest the use of the domain name is not sufficient to say there has
been any by him.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.
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