RE: [PRIVATE] Peter has left the building

RE: [PRIVATE] Peter has left the building

From: Dassa <dassa§>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 01:30:53 +1100
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|> Hi Dassa

Hi Patrick

Marking your message as private does not confer any special rights.
Once it hits my mail system it becomes my property to do as I wish with
it. As you are responding to a post to the DNS mailing list, this reply
is being sent there.  As you indicate you have unsubscribed, a copy is
also being sent to your private address.  

|> > My own business interests do not relie on the Australian DNS.
Whilst I
|> > am always happy to build new relationships with other  business
|> > either in the DNS industry or otherwise, my participation here and
|> > AuDA is not strictly business related.  It is more a personal
|> > in seeing the industry develop.
|> More rot.  If you were interested in seeing the industry develop, you
|> spend less time arguing with people.  Work on IDNO's charter, for

More rot yourself.  You do not know what I have been working on.  As for
arguing with people, if I consider they are in the wrong, I am within my
rights to point out my opinion differs.  BTW...the IDNO Charter does not
have anything to do with the Australian DNS.

|> > I am happy for Peter or anyone else to participate in the
|> > One of the reasons I posted my comments on his unsubscribing.  Such
|> > actions have a negative impact and are not constructive.
|> Exactly.  Now the list has lost *two* directors of auDA.

Your choice, nothing to do with me.  I suspect the AuDA directors
already decided amongst themselves to unsubscribe to protect themselves
from the chance of litigation.  Don't try to cloud the issues Patrick.
The only ones to blame for any Directors leaving the list are
themselves.  You are introducing another negative aspect.  As you have
been far more disruptive on other lists than any one has on the DNS list
I find your behaviour highly amusing.

|> > Not at all, as you have been following the list you are also well
|> > of the reasons for the slow activity at present.  The IDNO will
|> > to grow and become far more effective now JoopT was forced to
|> Crap.  It's dead and you know it.  The action is in the new list with
600 plus
|> members and a vigorous debate going on.  You've been sidelined.

Crap yourself.  BTW...I find it amusing you use such abusive language.
Not very professional.  The IDNO is a totally different organisation to
the AtLarge or any startup attempts led by Pindar.  To equate the two is
not productive or realistic.  The IDNO is not dead, it is beginning to
recover from the negative impact JoopT forced on it and will emerge
shortly as a vibrant and worthwhile organisation.

|> > You have been quiet on the DNSO lately.  I also haven't seen you
|> > involved in the Atlarge.  Are you aware JoopT has been very active
|> > there?
|> See my above comment.  Are you going to start stirring over there

I don't stir and if you had been involved with the AtLarge since
inception you would also know I have been involved in it from the

|> > On this note, are there any plans to discuss Vints ideas for ICANN
|> > this list?  What may be the AuDA response to his ideas for
|> > ICANN?
|> None as far as I know.  Who cares any more?  Everything gets wrecked
by people
|> like you and William Walsh.  On the GA, IDNO, DNS.
|> Shame on you both.

Interesting, the AuDA hasn't even discussed the matter I assume.  One of
the most important discussions in the world DNS scene and AuDA ignores
it.  You talk about sidelining and discussions being derailed on the DNS
list but offer no constructive comments on issues that are current and
of great interest, not only to the Australian name space but also the

All you do is try to shift blame onto others.  You will have to try
harder Patrick.

I don't feel any shame in showing the shortcomings of others and
highlighting the errors in their behaviour.  

Perhaps you will start a flood of posts now abusing me like you did on
the IDNO list Patrick?  That was highly professional behaviour.  And you
dare to say shame to me!

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.
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