RE: [DNS] Solution to domains renewal furore

RE: [DNS] Solution to domains renewal furore

From: Dassa <dassa§>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 19:17:47 +1100
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|> Subject: [DNS] Solution to domains renewal furore
|> At the risk of provoking a violent reaction ("Over my dead 
|> body!" was one such and "What??" another), I'll float the idea again:
|> All of the practices we want to stamp out are centred on domain name
|> renewals.  We can easily stop it all cold - instantly - simply by
|> that *only* registrars are permitted to send out renewal notices, and
|> only to their own registrants.

This only deals with the one aspect of such practices which is across
more than DNS.

Perhaps a better approach would be to strengthen the UCE laws.  This
would have the same effect.  Unless you can prove a business
relationship with the consumer it is considered UCE and have penalaties
for it.  This would eliminate a lot of spam and have the same effect as
you intend.

I know it would take far more effort to get it introduced wide scale but
if the DNS industry led the way by incorporating such policies into the
Code of Practice it would be a start.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.
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