Re: [DNS] IRA notice - wrong renewal date

Re: [DNS] IRA notice - wrong renewal date

From: <drew§>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 22:16:19 +1030 (CST)
Hi Guys,

I have seen these too. I had only just registered a domain like a few
months ago, and the customer received a letter thatsounds familiar to the
one that you are describing. It was comical because it was only just
registered, and obviously not due for 2 years. Has anyone else noticed
that when this situation started, customers were getting these invioces
about the same time that they would expect them, but now the date is
drifting into an far fetched reaches of the future. I also had a customer
ring to ask me why he had been sent a renewal notice for a .com address,
where he only owns the address. It said on the form that unless he
registers it, he wont be protecting his brand name etc. Id like to thank
the person who is sending them out, because it is acctually giving me more
business, due to building solid relations with trusting clients, and
deserving their business ! Most decerning business operators should pick
up on the "unsolicted" bulk emailing of renewal notices, and if you keep
in touch with the customers (i send them AuDa consumer alerts, and ask for
them to feature on the companies home page) i guess alot of the autrition
can be left to darwins theory, especially when the time comes to find that
lost regisrty key, when the whois details arnt updated :)

Crikey, ive yammered on more here than i should. Any comments?


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