Code of Practice Meeting

Code of Practice Meeting

From: Liz Williams <lizwilliams§>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 10:19:44 +1100

As chair of the Code of Practice Committee, I undertook to provide to the list an update of the progress the Committee is making towards developing a Code of Practice.

We met yesterday with nearly the full complement of Committee members in Sydney and on conference call from Melbourne.  

There was positive discussion and progress towards developing a first draft of the new Code of Practice (which builds on the existing Interim Code).  The new Code is designed to work in parallel to the Registrar Agreement.

I have received input and suggestions for redrafting of specific clauses from a number of people and will, over the Easter weekend, work all of that into a document for distribution and public consultation after 12 April.  The Committee members have undertaken to give me further feedback by COB on Thursday this week.

I look forward to receiving informal suggestions and submissions that will augment the work of the Committee.  The next meeting of the Committee will be held on 22 April at which time any public input will be worked into the document.

Any questions, call me on the numbers below or send me an email.

Kind regards.

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+61 414 26 9000
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