From: Jon Lawrence <jon§>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:25:21 +0000
They're not explicitly prohibited under the current policy listed at
however as and have not been registered, I presume
that MIT has been rejecting any applications received for these names.

Curiously does however appear to be potentially available for
registration (see below).

An aunic status search on "" yields the following result:
This name is pending in the AUNIC registry, awaiting the Domain Administrator's
response to the request:
    Object-Type: DOMAIN
    Organization-Name: Reserved Generic Domain Name to be auctioned by auDA
    Organization-ACN: 079 009 340
    Organization-Postal: To apply for this domain, go to the auction at:
    Created: 18-Jan-2002
    Updated: 18-Jan-2002

Chris - is this name actually going to be registered?  There seems to be
some evidence that allowing this would be unwise.


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>> |> Well at least registrations of other TLD and ccTLD suffixes are
>> prohibited
>> |> in the new domain spaces so this sort of thing will not be replicated
>> in
>> |> .info, .biz etc...
>> Is it covered under the .au name space?  I haven't checked.
>Quite some time ago, the name '' was registered, and the
>operators of such put in such amusing names as ''
>(not a DNS wildcard) to point to their own p0rn site.  This was later
>changed to (I think) '' to avoid the previously described
>I believe various AU domain policies do have an explicit policy against
>registering the common TLDs within a .au 2nd level domain
>I speak for myself.
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