Possible Security Breach at Melbourne IT

Possible Security Breach at Melbourne IT

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§scifi-art.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 13:18:30 +1100
Dear All,

yesterday i wanted to register a few domain names, so i went to the channel
partner thingy at MIT, but their server was acting kinda funny, and enabled
me to download the whole php pages with source code included.
Here's a sample of what i got :

   // This page can't use ignoresession
   file://$ignoresession = 1;

   // Meta Keywords
   $metakeywords = array("domain", "name", "domain name", "domain name
registration", "australia", "com.au", "australian domain names", "au",
"registry", "registrar", "ml.com", "multi-lingual.com", "com", "org", "net",
"multilingual", "chinese", "internet address", "internet name", "web
address", "internet names world wide", "global domain names", "whois",
"ICANN", "tld", "gtld", "cctld");
   $metadescription = "Internet Names WorldWide provides global domain name
registration services. The official administrator of com.au domains, ICANN
accredited Registrar for com, net, org and multi-lingual.com domains. Easy,
fast and secure domain names.";

   $pageheading = "Please Login";

   if ($argv[0] == "failed")
     $intromessage = "<B CLASS='red'>Invalid username / password</B>";
   elseif ($argv[0] == "unavailable")
     $intromessage = "<B CLASS='red'>Your login cannot be
                    ."We are currently experiencing technical
                    ."Please retry this request shortly.<BR>\n";

Of course, such an opportunity for malevolent people would give them access
to info that is supposed to be confidential ( you know, access to main db
and stuff like that ).
In hope that that sort of technical glitch does not happen everyday.

tH3 3l33t g3N3r4T!oN
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