RE: [DNS] Possible Security Breach at Melbourne IT

RE: [DNS] Possible Security Breach at Melbourne IT

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 16:45:10 +1100
Further information regarding the security issue with the melbourne it
system thingy (the one that curiously no one seems to be commenting on, or
bothering about):

TLK: PHP source code security
There have been reports that once in approximately every 100,000 page views,
PHP will send the source code of the page rather than interpreting it. It is
unclear whether this is a PHP issue, as it may be connected to an Apache
setting or bug. ( searching
google for "php source code exploit" )

I am not sure actually that this is the case because i accidentally managed
to grab quite a few pages ( and other stuff, i'm a curious bloke )..

Now either you guys ( [M......T] aka  Melboune IT ) quickly upgrade ( you're
using php3 if i am not mistaken that is quite old indeedie and full of
backdoors and exotic bugs) or some people are going to play to "who's gonna
click on the red mushroom and get to the next 100 000 pageviews " and win a
big value prize.

I will keep you guys updated as i am still doing some research ( with my
3l33t mates )

Melbourne IT starring in "The weakest leak" on TV next week.

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Dear All,

yesterday i wanted to register a few domain names, so i went to the channel
partner thingy at MIT, but their server was acting kinda funny, and enabled
me to download the whole php pages with source code included.
Here's a sample of what i got :

   // This page can't use ignoresession
   file://$ignoresession = 1;

   // Meta Keywords
   $metakeywords = array("domain", "name", "domain name", "domain name
registration", "australia", "", "australian domain names", "au",
"registry", "registrar", "", "", "com", "org", "net",
"multilingual", "chinese", "internet address", "internet name", "web
address", "internet names world wide", "global domain names", "whois",
"ICANN", "tld", "gtld", "cctld");
   $metadescription = "Internet Names WorldWide provides global domain name
registration services. The official administrator of domains, ICANN
accredited Registrar for com, net, org and domains. Easy,
fast and secure domain names.";

   $pageheading = "Please Login";

   if ($argv[0] == "failed")
     $intromessage = "<B CLASS='red'>Invalid username / password</B>";
   elseif ($argv[0] == "unavailable")
     $intromessage = "<B CLASS='red'>Your login cannot be
                    ."We are currently experiencing technical
                    ."Please retry this request shortly.<BR>\n";

Of course, such an opportunity for malevolent people would give them access
to info that is supposed to be confidential ( you know, access to main db
and stuff like that ).
In hope that that sort of technical glitch does not happen everyday.

tH3 3l33t g3N3r4T!oN
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