RE: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

RE: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 10:39:38 +1100
There obviously isn't a single answer.  I see the solution in 3
complementary parts:

1 - Inform and educate the consumer - it's ignorance, not stupidity, that's
being preyed upon.
2 - Give the Code of Conduct some substance and real teeth.
3 - Only permit sales (other than direct to the registrant) to take place
through resellers that have signed up to the CoC, thereby turning it into an
enforceable contract ... or (shock/horror, I am one) eliminate resellers as
such, and only allow billing through registrars.  There's nothing to stop
registrars from paying a commission to agents (resellers).

I don't advocate eliminating resellers, though - doing so would fragment
integrated and packaged services so many of we resellers offer, to our
clients' detriment.

The way it stands at the moment, a CoC is pretty worthless other than as a
political instrument, because anybody (company or individual) can bypass all
of the controls we're trying to establish, with impunity.  We already have
the example of DDNS abusing the CoC.

Ron Stark
Business Park

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Quoting Mark Hughes on Saturday March 02, 2002:
| Kim raised the very real issue of the purpose of the database being to
| enable people to contact the licensee of a domain.  The objective I guess
| to continue to support this function, while minimising abuse of the data.
| must say that I struggle to see any real effect on enabling people to
| contact domain name licensees by removing the domain 'creation date' and
| 'street address' from visibility.

The problem, as I see it, is if you remove the postal address - then you
will se a rise in the number of people being harassed by phone and email
by domain name resellers.

As bad as they are, if companies are going to prey on registrants, I
think I would rather be able to toss wads of their mail in the bin than
get spammed or take calls from them.


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