RE: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

RE: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY

From: Ginger Fish <ginger-fish§>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 11:20:37 +1100
Way to go, Ron.
Can you believe that a few companies out there only live on stealing
renewals from other companies, and they get some decent business ...of
course without the leak(s) in the central node of the system, that would be
a bit more difficult , but still .. Of course to mask the main activity you
can always "propose new products" around , a dummy rego site with exotic
namespaces and other dummy tools that will make you "sound" like a serious
company that worries a lot about consumes well being ...shit like that ...

Ginger the Avenger

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There's always another one ....

Not 30 minutes ago I received a concerned phone call from one of our
clients, who had just received an unsolicited renewal notice from an outfit
DDNS (Discount Domain Name Services).   The renewal notice cites the domain
expiry date (Where DID they get the info?) in May, and is a clear attempt to
hijack one of our clients.

What REALLY makes me angry is the bold large statement on the bottom of the
renewal notice ... "We support the AUDA resellers (sic) code of conduct".

To Simon Taft, if you're reading this - YOU ARE IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF THAT
CODE OF CONDUCT, even in its current draft form.  I doubt that you even know
what it means.

You have no right to abuse or misrepresent auDA or its Code of Conduct in
this way, and your company's behaviour is totally unacceptable.  Were there
penalty provisions in place already, I would activate them against you
without any compunction or hesitation.

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