RE: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY - Privacy Issues

RE: [DNS] Now I am ANGRY - Privacy Issues

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 12:56:33 +1100
Tony Cooke said:
This will only work if the party using the information has an Annual
Turnover > $3m.  Any organisation with an AT of < $3m, that is otherwise
caught by the legislation, has until 21 December this year to collect
personal information, which will not be subjected to the access provisions
of the NPPs (although some others will apply).  Only information collected
after 21 December 2002 will be accessible by the individual.

I thought that was meant to be the 21 December 2001 ??  If mistaken then I
am also alarmed!!

I think that the need for a clean new effective whois with careful
considerations with the privacy and separation of information whilst
maintaining functionality for valid purposes both now and for the future is
paramount and needs to be addressed far more vigorously by auDA.

Phil Wright
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