RE: [DNS] Au Domain up for Auction?

RE: [DNS] Au Domain up for Auction?

From: Dassa <dassa§>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 08:04:36 +1100
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|> > The difference here is where a domain name is being sold
|> > without any value adding to it.
|> OK, now you've defined the problem (the easy bit), how about you have
a go
|> at defining the solution (i.e. have a go a the hard bit):

My solution is to do nothing about such auctions.  I don't really have a
problem with the onsale of domain names.  But if it is going to be
allowed, it has to be acknowledged, perhaps the incorporated into the
code of conduct for Registrars, Resellers and Registries.  That is where
abuse of any resale of domains may occur, with hoarding of deleted names

|> The UDRP is basically used in a different situation - i.e. its used
when one
|> party says "I have superior rights to that name, and I'm NOT going to
|> you for it".  That's a different situation from a domain  name being
|> on the open market for anyone to bid for.

In a UDRP action it is used to show a bad faith registration and it is
up to the party making the allegation to prove the registration was in
bad faith and the domain was purchased with the sole intention of
selling it.  Not always easy.  But it does put the onus on those who
contest the sale of the domain.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.
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