DDNS breach

DDNS breach

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§businesspark.com.au>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 14:04:58 +1100
Chris, no doubt you have seen the various postings on this and the CoC list
apropos of DDNS's conduct.

To recap:

1	Rod Keys is on the CoC committee. As such, he should set, and be
seen to set an example of conduct and compliance, both in spirit and
2	Rod Keys is a Director and accountable representative of DDNS
(Discount Domain Name Services).
3	DDNS have sent unsolicited mail to prospects who are not their
customers, which among other things cites the domain's expiry date.  I have
one documented example, but this is the second offence against my clients.
4	That DDNS are citing the expiry date strongly suggests that the
source of that information has been improperly obtained.
5	The document of solicitation claims that DDNS complies with the auDA
CoC.  Their actions, however, are utterly inconsistent with that claim -
indeed, they are in flagrant violation of one of its core provisions.

My contention is that DDNS are abusing (or as a minimum misusing) auDA and
its CoC.  My concern is that the very objectives and integrity of the
committee are thus compromised.  At best, the committee members can arguably
be seen to condone the very behaviour they claim to seek to stamp out.  At
worst, the CoC can be perceived as ineffective and irrelevant, unable to be
enforced, and disregarded by those responsible for its governance.

As a CoC Committee member, I support our Chairman in not wishing to divert
attention from our primary objective.  Accordingly, I hereby formally bring
the matter to your attention as CEO of auDA, to request immediate action
against the breach of auDA's CoC.

I am sure that other auDA members have additional examples of the breach as
well, and collectively await the outcome with considerable interest.

At this stage I would prefer not to escalate the matter any further, but I
reserve my right to do so in the interests of fully testing our own CoC.


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