Generic name allocation process

Generic name allocation process

From: AuditInsure <khenry§>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 14:50:14 +1100

I couldn't find the answer to the following in notes at the auDA website.  I
apologise if I have missed.

Would you kindly advise how auDA is handling the issue of a registrant who:

1. has applied for a name on the auDA defined 'generic' list.
2. indicated on the registration form that the generic name nominated is
subject to a trademark application that predates the auDA generic name
3. has 'first priority' trademark position.
5. is likely to be allocated the trademark, however, approval may not be
forth coming before May 2002, however, once awarded, the trademark, as
stated above, will predate the start of the  auDA generic name process.

I guess 2 questions:

a.  Will auDA be informing other registrants that the generic name they
selected is subject to a trademark application and when awarded, the generic
name they may gain via the auction process, would have to be turned over?
b.  Where does this leave auDA and the successful registrant re monies paid
under the auction process?

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