international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 04:20:42 +1100 (EST)
Domain dispute bias goes from bad to worse (Globe and Mail)
An update to a controversial 2001 study that questioned the fairness
of the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers' domain name
dispute-resolution policy suggests that things have gone from bad to

The big ICANN roll-back (O'Reilly Network)
When the Enron scandal broke, many analysts warned, "There are lots
of other Enrons out there." One such corporation, ICANN, is in the
process of breaking up now.

ICANN 2.0 (ICANN Watch)
ICANN's legitimacy is under attack from several directions, including
from its own management.  Some perceive mission creep.  Some are more
concerned about lack of participation by many relevant stakeholders.
Some suggest that too much time is dedicated to "process" or
seat-claiming on a Names Council that doesn't act to facilitate the
development of meaningful policies. Others express the view that
ICANN staff has created too many centralized policies or that too
much Board-level activity occurs behind closed doors. Some note that,
even if it were to focus strictly on a narrowly defined mission,
ICANN would need more secure funding and more support from ccTLDs and
governments. There does appear to be substantial support, among many
with varying viewpoints, that the ICANN experiment needs now to move
into a new phase.

ICANN Be Reorganized (ISP Planet)
Support for any type of governmental control over the Internet is
just about as popular as kicking puppies. To most hard-core
Internauts the thought of government control over the Internet is
absurd. So why would ICANN leadership propose just that?

UDRP Referee Scolds Firm For Failing To Reveal Lawsuits (Newsbytes)
The referee in an argument over an Internet domain name has chastised
a Philadelphia lawyer for turning to a quasi-judicial dispute
resolution procedure of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN) without revealing that the address has already
figured in lawsuits involving the same combatants.
The decision is at

.nz domain name registration cheaper (news release)
The cost of registering new Internet domain names ending in .nz has
dropped by over 40% with the removal of the New Zealand Registry's
name holder fee.

Internet Domain Name Protection Pty Ltd (Domainz news release)
Domainz has received a large number of complaints from people and
organisations to whom Internet Domain Name Protection Pty Ltd have
sent correspondence with reference to existing .nz domain names.

Abortion Foes Stage Cyber Sit-In (Wired)
Students looking for information on Oregon's Reed College may have
mistakenly landed on anti-abortion websites not associated with the
Since Feb. 14, the domain name has been redirected to
a series of pro-life websites, including, and,1383,50749,00.html

Lurid links - Expired domain names point to porn (Network World)
The number of domain names being allowed to expire - intentionally or
accidentally - is at an all-time high. Now shady middlemen called
traffic aggregators are increasingly buying these names and
redirecting corresponding Web traffic to other sites, primarily porn
and gambling venues.

British firms begin pitch for American domains (Ananova)
British firms can now apply for internet domain names ending in
'.us'. The move allows firms with US operations to up their presence
among American web users.

New .name domains give individuals a place to call home
Now is the time to take control of your online identity. Signing up
for the new ``.name'' domain costs less than $30 a year and gives you
both an e-mail address and Web location that should be good for life.
More familiar domains -- including .com, .net., .org and .us -- are
also available at similar prices.

Court rules against (The Register)
A Spanish travel site is considering an appeal against a US court's
decision to strip it of its domain name.

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