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international domain news

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Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 04:21:29 +1100 (EST)
Domain Name News
Differing visions of fairest and best way to run Internet
(International Herald Tribune)
Power to the people" is one of the slogans we used to chant when we
were college sophomores, and like much of what we used to chant back
then, it has turned out to be, well, sophomoric.
For the latest example of what happens when undergraduate fervor
meets hard-nosed reality, consider what is going on at the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - better known as ICANN -
which was created in 1998 as a private global organization to oversee
and regulate addresses on the Internet. Until then, this task had
been done by the U.S. government, the original developer of the Net,
and the idea was to take the job away from a single government and
give the Internet users around the world a direct say in how this
international communications medium would be run.

Fels acts against domain 'registrar' (Australian IT)
The consumer watchdog has cracked down on a Brisbane-based company
that faxed thousands of businesses claiming it could renew their
domain names.,7204,3929214%5E15318%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

Will change provide stability for ICANN? (newmediazero)
It's been a difficult three years for the keeper of the Internet's
central domain name system (DNS). Not that you'll find a great deal
of sympathy from those working within the industry.

Paper Refutes ICANN 'New World Order' (Internet News)
'Of the people, for the people and by the people' will be a thing of
the past if the president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) has his way, a white paper publicized
Friday afternoon finds.,,10_988311,00.html

Net Addressing Authorities Face Governance Decisions (Newsbytes)
Internet addressing authorities will face tough questions about the
role the online public should play in managing the Internet's
worldwide naming system when they convene in Africa next week.

The Net without sex and violence? (ZDNet)
The US government has approved the creation of a domain,
containing only material safe for children to view. 
A Congressional panel gave the nod last week to a bill that would set
up a kid-friendly zone on the Internet free of violence, pornography
or other material deemed inappropriate for children.,2000024993,20263947,00.htm

Domainz reshuffle sees new company formed (IDG)
As part of its major restructuring InternetNZ, formerly the Internet
Society, is establishing a new company to run the domain name
register for New Zealand, while Domainz moves towards a role as a
commercial domain name registrar.

MIC to reform Internet domain system (Korea Herald)
The Ministry of Information and Communication said yesterday it will
reform the controversial domain name system (DNS) by seeking a
revision to related laws and regulations.

Conference: Domain Name Systems and Internet Governance 
The Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre - University of
New South Wales

Rodopi Teams with Tucows for Domain Registration Solutions (the WHIR)
Rodopi Software, a provider of customer billing and management
solutions for ISPs and ASPs, announced yesterday it has signed an
agreement with Tucows Inc. (, a provider of Internet
services to ISPs and Web hosting companies, to provide an integrated
solution based on Tucows' OpenSRS domain registration platform and
Rodopi's billing software.

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