international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 04:23:52 +1100 (EST)
FTC busts .usa domain sellers (ZDNet)
The Federal Trade Commission said Monday that it has busted a company
that preyed on people's patriotism by selling them .usa addresses
that don't work on the Web.,7204,3935481%5E15322%5E%5Enbv%5E15306,00.html,2109,217510|technology|03-11-2002::13:59|reuters,00.html
Transatlantic battle to stop sale of .brit and .usa domain names

Tribunal EEUU cierra sitio que vendía dominios Internet falsos
Un tribunal de Estados Unidos dió orden de cerrar el sitio web que
utilizó la desgracia ocurrida el 11 de septiembre, para vender
dominios de Internet falsos con sufijos como ".usa" y ".brit," dijo
el lunes la Comisión Federal de Comercio(FTC).

Court Shuts Down Website Selling Bogus Domain Names ".USA," ".BRIT,"
Deceptively Marketed as Useable (FTC news release)
An operation that used deceptive spam messages and appeals to
patriotism to sell Web addresses that don't work, including ".usa,"
has been shut down by a U. S. District Court at the request of the
Federal Trade Commission. The court's action ensures that the
defendants will not be able to reemerge by registering the same
domain names offshore. The court also ordered an asset freeze to
preserve money for consumer redress. Officials from the United
Kingdom's Office of Fair Trading have been assisting the FTC on the
issue of domain name sales and are investigating such activities in
the U.K.

Court: 'Sucks' Site Can Stay Online During Arguments (Newsbytes)
A federal appeals court today allowed a protest site to return to the
Web while First Amendment issues are considered, overturning a lower
court decision.

From Quicklinks
USA - Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002 (US
Bill to facilitate the creation of a new, second-level Internet
domain within the United States country code domain that will be a
haven for material that promotes positive experiences for children
and families using the Internet, provides a safe online environment
for children, and helps to prevent children from being exposed to
harmful material on the Internet.

From The Filter
ICANN: Berkman Fellows John Perry Barlow and Diane Cabell are
attending the ICANN meetings to participate, observe, and report on
critical issues including the Lynn restructuring proposal; details
are available here:
Open Economies: Dr. James Moore, a senior fellow at the Berkman
Center, and Sarah Guerrero, the new legal director of the Open
Economies project, are in Ghana to meet with project partners and
engage in case study work, interviews, and research; details are
available here:
Internet Radio: Berkman Affiliates Christopher Lydon, radio
journalist, and Benjamen Walker, producer, are in Ghana to engage in
the second local/global radio initiative of Berkman Internet Radio
Direct (BIRD). The pilot BIRD project took place in Jamaica in
December 2001; Lydon's report on that project with audio excerpts can
be found on Details on the Ghana project, including how
to tune in to radio broadcasts, are available here:

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