RE: [DNS] By passing name checks with ABN's for .au's

RE: [DNS] By passing name checks with ABN's for .au's

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 12:45:16 +1100

Thanks for this. I'm looking into it at the moment. In the meantime,
please send me (off list if you wish) the details of the example of an
ABN trading name you refer to.


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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Subject: [DNS] By passing name checks with ABN's for .au's

Hello all,

 	It seems there is a flaw in name checks for allocating a .au

 	auda currently allows an ABN listed trading name as sufficient
proof of
naming rights.

 	When registering for an ABN, trading names are NOT validated.
The ATO have
no reason to, the ABN is only for tax purposes as far as they are
Ask the ATO (13 24 78) they will confirm this.

 	The Office of consumer and business affairs (08) 8204 9628 in
Australia, requires for a trading name to be recognized it must be
registered as a business or company name. Yet the ATO will not check
that a
trading name is registered.

 	So hypothetically speaking one could register an ABN with the
ATO having a
trading name of Microsoft, INA, or MelbourneIT. The ATO would never
the trading name.

 	Then approach INA/melbourne IT and request the domain or or to be registered and it would approved
based on the information from the ABN. This was put to the ATO and a
representitive from melbourne IT - they agreed it was an absurd outcome,
by current auda policies possible.

	A VERY similar thing is happening with a client at the moment,
they own the
name by registration of company and business names, yet they have lost
most deserving domain name due to an ABN trading name.

Thoughts people?

David Ford.

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