[DNS] ING/IRA New Product

[DNS] ING/IRA New Product

From: Dax <shayemaree§bigpond.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 10:28:21 +1100
I have been told by clients that ING representatives have said they need to register the .com, .biz, .info etc etc 
and they the Rep was insistant that this is the way all business are going.
I have also been told that ING reps phone daily and their persistence is unwelcomed and despite being informed of this, they continue to call.
I have also been informed by clients that ING reps say Melbourne IT are a 'dodgey company' set up in an abandoned warehouse with only 3 terminals and two staff members.
These Clients have ZERO reasons for making this kind of thing up and I am curious to know just how far ING will go for the almighty dollar?
As a reseller, I get calls frequently for ING requesting to speak with the IT person regarding XXX.com.au, Completely oblivious that the Tech/Admin contacts where the reseller.
What truely Erks me is that if the reseller sends an e-mail out 60 days proir to expiry, ING will mail them 90 days prior. the reseller e-mails 100 days proir, ING 120......where will this end?


Now here's a turn up for you ...

I've always been very vocal against IRA and ING's practices with respect to
soliciting renewal business.  In this new case however, I don't think that
we should allow our abhorrence of their other practices colour our judgement
of this new offering.  They are using the fact that a .com.au registrant is
a good candidate for selling a .com domain to.  In that sense, I don't have
a problem.

Further down the line, there is the competitive threat that with every .com
they pick up in this way, they can then contact what is now a new client,
and legitimately offer to manage their .com.au domain name for them as well.
This too is fair competition.

Where I do have a problem is my suspicion that the mail-out seems to be
based around the .com.au renewal dates (the source of previous complaints),
and their use of data mining (there's that source material again!) to
cross-check potential recipients.

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