From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 03:58:52 +1100
Excuse me people

I would naturally believe (and I expect that others in the industry and the
wider general public would also naturally conclude) that surely such
responsibility for a public awareness and consumer warnings about domain
registration in the .au space would, could and should already fall under the
duties of the industry peak body; hence the auDA??

Is this NOT the case??

If it is not the auDA then whom should it be?  Why?

Phil Wright Pty Ltd

>With everything that is happening, movement to registry, code of conduct,
>registrar accreditation and more, we would be more than willing to review
>such a site and depending on content and the way in which the information
>was presented refer our clients to this site for up to date information
>regarding the FACTS about .au domains.
>I believe such a site will need to be reviewed by the auDA and be given a
>go ahead to represent the hole community.
> Hi Jon,
> I agree with you here. We all should stop bitching about specific
> registries but I mean, what's been done about it?
> Maybe we could start a consumer awareness web site for
> registrants to refer to when the are confused about what's going on in
> the .au domain registration industry.
> I am willing to put a site together to inform consumers from ISPs, web
> hosts and domain registries on what's going on without any ads etc on
> it. A site that all the companies who abide by the 'Code of Conduct'
> including a blacklist of domain registries that can send their
> customers to get the most up-to-date information from. Even have a
> partition of registries that have a good track record.
> Would anyone be interested sending their confused customers to such a
> site?
> Regards,
> Nigel
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