international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 04:26:53 +1100 (EST)
ICANN Surveys Its Crossroads (Wired)
The battle for future control of the Internet could shift to Europe
in the weeks ahead, as advocates of democratic representation for the
Internet's governing body press their case.,1283,51109,00.html

ICANN in for a Domain Change (Wired)
It's starting to look as though the most impressive accomplishment of
the Internet's governing body will be managing to vex everyone who's
been paying attention.,1283,51074,00.html

ICANN Be Reformed (ISP-Planet)
In the 16th century religious reformers transformed Christianity. In
the 21st century ICANN's proposed reformation could transform
independent ISP operators into Members At Large. Not exactly a
religions experience, but frighteningly alluring all the same.

New second level domain name leaps first hurdle (IDG)
The move to have a new second level domain name (2LD) has
passed its first hurdle, scoring over 90% support in a poll organised
by InternetNZ.
(news release)

Domain names safe even if registrar folds (IDG)
Users who buy a domain name through an overseas or local company
which then collapses should be taken care of by Domainz, though its
chief executive warns the process could be a slow one.

From Baker & McKenzie Global eLaw Alert
First Come First Served In Domain Names
In a dispute involving the domain name '', between a
private person not named Sandwig and a city's district named Sandwig,
the Flensburg Regional Court held that the first come first served
principle applied in favour of the first person to register the
domain , even though that person does not even own that name
(Regional Court, Decision of January 08, 2002). In a further
decision, it has been held that the first come first served principle
to applies in a dispute over domain registration between owners of
identical names, in this case "". For a firm name to
prevail in a dispute over a '.de' domain registration notoriety of
the firm name across Germany is not required. Unless, in a dispute
between owners of identical names, one of the names enjoys
outstanding notoriety, the first come first served principle applies
to the domain name registration process, (Higher Regional Court of
Koblenz, Decision of January 25, 2002). 

Dot-CA Governing Body Seeks Candidates For Board Of Directors (CIRA
news release)
Further to the news release issued by the Canadian Internet
Registration Authority (CIRA) on February 21, 2002
(, CIRA has amended its elections
rules ( to allow its Nomination
Committee to nominate more than three candidates

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