Serious Question regarding CODE of ETHICS

Serious Question regarding CODE of ETHICS

From: Sylvester Max <maxs§>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 11:39:43 +1100
Yesterday, I posted what I believed to be a valid question, but no one
answered it. Maybe you were all to busy planning BBQ's. (Not that there is
anything wrong with BBQ's, they help facilitate discussion and put faces to
the people you deal with.) 

Here is my question AGAIN, forgive me if it a stupid question, but I am new
to this list and I don't have anything to do with domain name registration,
except that I registered a domain name and now I am a recipient of
(electronic and conventional) junk mail:

Are the people (or companies) that register domain names bound by a code of

If so, can I get a copy? If not, why aren't they?

It seems to me that some "provisionally accredited registrars," are
misleading the public and should be reprimanded . (I was warned yesterday,
off the record, that I can't mention names, as a certain company is directed
by a team of lawyers and will sue me at the first opportunity!)

It also seems to me that this may not be the best place to voice my concerns
and if no one can answer my questions I will take it up with the senator for
communication and the arts.

Once again, I'm new around here and if this issue has been discussed and
resolved I wouldn't mind know what your conclusions were.

Max Sylvester

(Student / Part time IT support)
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