Re: [DNS] DNS List

Re: [DNS] DNS List

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:15:51 +0800
Hello all,

Firstly, I think this is a storm in a teacup. Every public mailing list
I have been on had trolls or "serial pests" appearing and disrupting
the list from time to time. Once they are gone, people will just forget
about them after a week or two and life will just go on. I don't think
this is a major controversy.

Admittedly it happens a bit more than usual here, because we are dealing
with topics people are passionate about. Thankfully, most people here
actually agree. No-one except a few likes invoice-like solicitations
from resellers, but it gets dredged up every month or so by another
subscriber who thinks that it is wise to rehash it again.

| 1.	Have the list moderated either by checking contributions before
| they are posted or in some other way such as limiting the number of
| posts per day for those who appear to be abusing the list.

I don't favour active moderation.

The list previously had a 5 post per day quota for the exact same
reasons that it is being proposed today. However, once the offending
parties had moved on it was more of a hindrance than a help. Only valued
contributers were being stymied by the restriction.

| 2.	Introduce some new rules for the list, the breach of which would
| lead to removal. These might include things such as no pseudonyms, no
| fake email addresses, no personal attacks etc. These rules would be
| included on the application form and the submission of the form would
| oblige the member to abide by the rules. The form would also need to
| include an indemnity to auDA against any liability arising from comments
| made on the list. All current participants would need to complete a form
| as well as new ones.

If an indemnity would ease any legal problems then I don't have a
problem with it.

| 3.       Cut the DNS List loose by providing a couple of weeks warning
| that we will cease to host and thus allowing someone else to pick up the
| responsibility if they want. Meanwhile, we would set up a new auDA
| discussion list open to auDA members, registry, registrar and
| re-sellers.

A last resort, but as the list manager, if it came to this I would be
happy to look for a new host and relocate it without "cutting it loose". As
stupid as it gets sometimes, this list is useful.

(speaking for myself)
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