Re: [DNS] DNS List

Re: [DNS] DNS List

From: David G Thompson <dgt§>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 17:50:37 -0800
Chris, Kim, all

Option two works for me,

 From the dance floor in Ghana :-)


Chris Disspain wrote:

>Yesterday afternoon several 'contributors' to this list were removed
>from the list. You'll all guess who they were and why they were removed.
>It now transpires that at least one of them by his own admission, 'has
>no interest in the DNS, doesn't know what anyone is talking about, and
>was only on the list because he was asked to join to stir up trouble and
>"have some fun"'.

>2.	Introduce some new rules for the list, the breach of which would
>lead to removal. These might include things such as no pseudonyms, no
>fake email addresses, no personal attacks etc. These rules would be
>included on the application form and the submission of the form would
>oblige the member to abide by the rules. The form would also need to
>include an indemnity to auDA against any liability arising from comments
>made on the list. All current participants would need to complete a form
>as well as new ones.
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