RE: [DNS] DNS List

RE: [DNS] DNS List

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:55:14 +1100
My vote goes for a modified version or Option 2

I agree with that legal advice; as the ultimate publisher of the list I
think auDA would have at least some legal responsibility for the content.

IMHO Option 2 would be better suited to the current subscribers and it
allows non-members to participate in discussion and issues that also affect

I'd however like to see it work on:
1) a pre-register basis where user nominated alias and email addresses are
allowed and
2) specifically that the auDA be bound by security, confidentiality and
privacy of those registration details as part of the registration agreement.

Phil Wright Pty Ltd

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From: Chris Disspain [mailto:ceo&#167;]
Subject: [DNS] DNS List
1.	Have the list moderated either by checking contributions before
they are posted or in some other way such as limiting the number of
posts per day for those who appear to be abusing the list.
2.	Introduce some new rules for the list, the breach of which would
lead to removal. These might include things such as no pseudonyms, no
fake email addresses, no personal attacks etc. These rules would be
included on the application form and the submission of the form would
oblige the member to abide by the rules. The form would also need to
include an indemnity to auDA against any liability arising from comments
made on the list. All current participants would need to complete a form
as well as new ones.
3.       Cut the DNS List loose by providing a couple of weeks warning
that we will cease to host and thus allowing someone else to pick up the
responsibility if they want. Meanwhile, we would set up a new auDA
discussion list open to auDA members, registry, registrar and
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