Re: [DNS] Serious Question regarding CODE of ETHICS

Re: [DNS] Serious Question regarding CODE of ETHICS

From: Sylvester Max <maxs§>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:28:21 +1100
Quoting Kim Davies on Friday March 22, 2002

|This is a general discussion mailing list. I wouldn't email here 
|expecting an answer on anything. Especially as you identified it is 
|something that has been brought up time and time again on this list. 
|If you want an official answer from auDA, for example, you should email 

Like I stated in my email I am new to this list and I was unaware that it
was such a contentious issue. The fact that it is brought up so often, means
the public thinks it is important and that it is worthy of discussion. Are
you trying to defend the unethical behavior of some "Provisionally
accredited registrars"?

|Seeing as you cc'd this email to his email address (Senator Alston), surely
you already 
|have taken it up with him? 

Not yet, but I intend to.

|I might add, I think most of your questions - if not all - can be 
|answered by reading up on auDA's website.

Once again (with respect to the first paragraph) if so many people are
asking the same questions, maybe the auDA website does not provide the
answers to the questions.

My original problem was with the deliberately misleading and deceitful
letter I received from a "Provisionally accredited registrar" (we all know
who they are). Now my problem has become the fact that some people seem to
be condoning it. Judging by the list it seems that I am not the only person
who finds the letters that look like invoices misleading.

For people wishing to express their concerns directly to the Minister for
Communications and the Arts his email address is:

Max Sylvester

(Student / IT support / "Provisionally accredited Ruler of the world")
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