Re: [DNS] Industry governance: Co-dependencies between auDA and the supply chain

Re: [DNS] Industry governance: Co-dependencies between auDA and the supply chain

From: Michael-Pappas <auda§>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:16:46 +1000 (EST)
> Skeeve Stevens wrote Monday, June 10, 2002 12:00 PM
> But the auDA derives its income from the Registrars...

Now this statement is not in fact totally true.

The auDA gets its funds from the registry (at the moment it's one
granted), the registry from registrars and registrars from registrants and
resellers and lastly resellers from registrants and sometimes even
resellers themselves.
> therefore it is in the interests of auDA to create new
> 2ld's for the Registrars to have access to.

This is not nessicarly true either. The creation of new 2LD's might not be
in the interest of the auDA as take up of these domain names might be a
big flop, there is nothing saying that if it was proposed that the uptake
of these domain names would warrant a new registry or the inclusion of it
to the existing registry. This is all defendant on who tenders for the
registry rights for the selected 2LD's, AusRegistry may feel that they
have enough or that it's not in there interest to add it.
If this were the case then the auDA's interest would be not to go ahead
with new 2LD's. No demand and no commercial interest means not a names at
all.. which could be a possibility with what we have right now.
> Because when the Registrars profit, so does auDA.

This is not true either, registrars can have value added service that they
profit off. If there are minimal names and minimal uptake the registry
does not get the share of that profit. If the registry dies and is not
commercially viable...??? What Next???
> Who brought up the idea of new 2ld's? auDA...

The auDA of course. It is the duty of the administrators of the Australian
domain space to put all options to the public. If this was not raised at
some time... timing can be an issue but that is another discussion.. then
we would have a major problem with the people that run the space on our
behalf and bring these issues to light.
You might just find that no one will see the uptake of this viable for a
registry to bother...
> will the Registrars support it? of course they will..

I would like to know which registrars say that.. ???? Out of the 5
proposals not one is from a registrar I believe, please correct me if I an
wrong. Publicly I have not seen statements from a head of one of the
registrars... if you have seen this I would defiantly like to read it...


> ...Skeeve
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