Re: [DNS] Industry governance: Co-dependencies between auDA and the supply chain

Re: [DNS] Industry governance: Co-dependencies between auDA and the supply chain

From: Ian&#167;LemonStone <auda§>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:09:57 +1000
Perhaps auDA should commision a survey (not online) of the general public to
assess their awareness of domain names and other issues. It would be
interesting to see responses to such questions as:-

Do you know what a domain name is?
Are you aware of .biz or .name or

A little market research to assess demand for new 2LD's would surely be
money well spent.


on 11/6/2002 9:16 PM, Michael-Pappas at auda&#167; wrote:

>> Skeeve Stevens wrote Monday, June 10, 2002 12:00 PM
>> But the auDA derives its income from the Registrars...
> Now this statement is not in fact totally true.
> The auDA gets its funds from the registry (at the moment it's one
> granted), the registry from registrars and registrars from registrants and
> resellers and lastly resellers from registrants and sometimes even
> resellers themselves.
>> therefore it is in the interests of auDA to create new
>> 2ld's for the Registrars to have access to.
> This is not nessicarly true either. The creation of new 2LD's might not be
> in the interest of the auDA as take up of these domain names might be a
> big flop, there is nothing saying that if it was proposed that the uptake
> of these domain names would warrant a new registry or the inclusion of it
> to the existing registry. This is all defendant on who tenders for the
> registry rights for the selected 2LD's, AusRegistry may feel that they
> have enough or that it's not in there interest to add it.
> If this were the case then the auDA's interest would be not to go ahead
> with new 2LD's. No demand and no commercial interest means not a names at
> all.. which could be a possibility with what we have right now.
>> Because when the Registrars profit, so does auDA.
> This is not true either, registrars can have value added service that they
> profit off. If there are minimal names and minimal uptake the registry
> does not get the share of that profit. If the registry dies and is not
> commercially viable...??? What Next???
>> Who brought up the idea of new 2ld's? auDA...
> The auDA of course. It is the duty of the administrators of the Australian
> domain space to put all options to the public. If this was not raised at
> some time... timing can be an issue but that is another discussion.. then
> we would have a major problem with the people that run the space on our
> behalf and bring these issues to light.
> You might just find that no one will see the uptake of this viable for a
> registry to bother...
>> will the Registrars support it? of course they will..
> I would like to know which registrars say that.. ???? Out of the 5
> proposals not one is from a registrar I believe, please correct me if I an
> wrong. Publicly I have not seen statements from a head of one of the
> registrars... if you have seen this I would defiantly like to read it...
> Regards,
> Michael-Pappas.
>> ...Skeeve
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