RE: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals (to date)

RE: [DNS] New 2LD Proposals (to date)

From: Dassa <dassa§>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 01:44:49 +1000
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|> Well, take the .biz extension for example.
|> if it was as good as a .com or .net, it would have had the 
|> same sort of progression and neulevel wouldn't be going in flames..

Hello Ginge

You raise some good points and I'm sure if there are Registrars and
Resellers following the list they would take notice.  One point to keep
in mind, .com and the other gTLD's started out slow too.  They didn't
"bloom" until fairly recently and we have had a bomb out in the industry
since.  There is a recovery period that has to be gone through and some
rationalisation that will occur.  As in any industry, they all follow
the same sort of patterns, there are ups and downs.

I feel we are coming into a time where the ccTLD's could come into their
own and become major players.  Time will tell.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.
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