domain name news

domain name news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:42:01 +1000 (EST)
The end of the revolution
"Ruling the Root" documents the sorry tale of how the Internet was
brought to heel.

Privacy worries fuel domain name concerns
Web users are worried that changes to a list of who owns which
web domain will put their personal privacy at risk.

VeriSign cleans up Web address auctions 
VeriSign said Friday that it will clean up its domain name auctions
on eBay, some of which appear to have violated the Web address
registry's stated corporate policies.

VeriSign nixes bogus messages
VeriSign has agreed to stop sending false notices that tell customers
of rival registrars their domain names will soon expire.

Old net name to get new owner
The hunt for a new owner of the net domain has begun.

In Fights Over .Com Names, Trademark Owners Usually Win
Decisions made through an arbitration system set up to resolve
disputes over Internet addresses have substantially broadened the
rights of trademark holders in cyberspace.

Questions Surround Domain Names
With Congress busy investigating failures within United States
intelligence agencies that have national and global consequences, the
shortcomings of the organization charged with managing the Internet's
address system may seem trivial by comparison.

From BNA Internet Law News...
As ICANN meets in Bucharest this week, the Committee on
ICANN Evolution and Reform has issued its "Blueprint for
Reform."  The Committee acknowledges that there is a wide
range of opinions but that now "is the time to make
choices."  The Committee's choices include establishing a 25
cent fee for every domain name registered to help fund
ICANN; no at-large participation at the board level; a
restructured board of 15 voting members (8 of which would be
selected by a Nomination Committee) and 5 non-voting members
including one seat for the GAC; changing the DNSO General
Assembly to the GNSO General Assembly with no voting power;
the creation of a country code supporting organization for
those ccTLDs that sign agreements with ICANN; and the
elimination of the independent review board.  In other words
-- charge users for every domain they register while
removing their right to directly influence the board
composition process and cutting back on accountability
Blueprint at

Coverage at,1283,53410,00.html

Reaction to the current round of ICANN reform continues to
come in -- the German government has become one of the first
governments to issue a position paper, the EU
Telecommunications Council has endorsed guidelines for
discussion concerning ICANN reform, while several U.S.
congressmen have sent Department of Commerce Secretary
Donald Evans a letter expressing their concern with the
current state of affairs.

Several months after receiving board approval, the dot-ca
dispute resolution policy is now operational.  Two providers
-- Resolution Canada and the British Columbia International
Commercial Arbitration Centre -- are providing dispute
resolution services.  Providers at
Final policy at

Nominet, the dot-uk administrator, has called on
complainants and their advisors to improve the quality of
their complaints.  Nominet's dispute resolution service has
dealt with over 350 complaints and deemed a substantial
number invalid due to failure to comply with the requisite
procedure. -
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