RE: [DNS] Auction Details ""

RE: [DNS] Auction Details ""

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 18:22:04 +1000
Why is the process being changed ??  Effectively having a rolling finish to
the auction could allow the process to go on and on and on and on and on -
this could take forever?

How many auctions are they running simultaneously?

Are they only up to the middle of the letter "I" ??  This process is going
to take forever!!!!!!!!!*&$%
This is quoted from the auDA website at
"...We expect to conclude the entire process by the end of June 2002. "

This is after the original claim on Feb 5 this year
( that  : "...and we will
be contacting applicants on a name by name basis over the next 2 months or

Patrick how much lead time did you have from getting the notification to the
time of the auction opening?
Can I assume that it was less than a week based upon the email below?

Are there any realistic expectations as to how long this process will take
to complete?  My clients are getting restless and disgruntled with no
contact from auDA since January


Phil Wright

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Subject: [DNS] Auction Details ""

For those who are interested in the auction process, please note the
advice to me in relation to "".  This will go to auction

However, I doubt I will get anywhere near the final bid !!

Please note that I will NOT sell this domain OR sell the underlying business
name OR transfer any rights I have in the auction process to any other
by any means whatsover.

So don't bother to even ask !!!!

Patrick Corliss
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