RE: [DNS] O/T: Nuking would-be intruders

RE: [DNS] O/T: Nuking would-be intruders

From: Dhupelia, Prakash <PDhupelia§>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 09:42:07 +1000
I had the same issues, even with zonealarm - however, ever since I installed
a router, (a good one eg netgear RT 314), the intrusions disappeared - very
pleased with the security. For comfort you can run Black Ice as well.

I tested the router with a site that checks your accessability and it passed
all tests.

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Subject: RE: [DNS] O/T: Nuking would-be intruders

Note to self, Invent IP Seeking thermonuclear device....


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From: Stephen Loosley [mailto:stephen&#167;]
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Subject: [DNS] O/T: Nuking would-be intruders

Hi there ..

Advice, if possible ..

In the last hour the following IP addresses have attempted
to access this machine, via a wide variety of port numbers.

Doing a whois on them simply tells me they are re-assigned,
and, complaining results in various versions of auto response
emails, such as the one also copied below.

Question, what else can one do about such would-be intruders?

ZoneAlarm assures me that they wouldn't have seen me, but I'm
not satisfied with that. Any ideas on more direct ways of returning
the compliment, other than just complaining to their relevant whois
email contact address? Telnetting them gets nowhere. For example
an IP seeking thermonuclear device would be wonderfully satisfying.

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forged. has been taken off our network as of 4/15/2002, despite
this some abuser is using this domain to forge mail. The source of the email
is not coming out of our network.

Here is an example:

Received: from ([]) by with local; Jun,
19 2002 2:59:19 AM +1200

If you preform an rwhois lookup on the source ip that is in brackets, you
will see that it is not assigned to us. Email forgery is a large problem,
and due to the number of complaints we will not reply to each request.

The best thing to do is perform a rwhois lookup
and if there is a valid contact address please contact them.

However, this particular spammer often uses non-assigned blocks.
If you are having problems locating a source, please contact your mail
administrator and have him/her discover which server your mail
originated from.

Ventures Online Support Team

Thanks people
Stephen Loosley
Vermont Secondary

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