RE: [DNS] WebCentral - Melbourne IT redelegation

RE: [DNS] WebCentral - Melbourne IT redelegation

From: Dave Hooper <dave§>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 10:27:24 +1000
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> Subject: [DNS] WebCentral - Melbourne IT redelegation
> We had an instance over the weekend where two of our clients 
> domains were delegated away to WebCentral. Both were TLD's 
> registered at MelbourneIT. Melbourne IT have told our clients 
> that it was a WebCentral 'error' which caused the problem, 
> WebCentral have blamed 'AusRegistry'!!??
> Did this happen to anyone else? Can anyone shed some light on 
> what has happened here?
> Dave Hooper

An update - WebCentral tech support know nothing about the issue, but
the domain department know about the issue but 'don't know what has
happened' and have 'had a lot of calls regarding this', and MelbourneIT,
after the voice recording suggested I visit and
'help myself' then promptly disconnected my call.

I have 2 very upset clients, and probably a handful more who have no
idea why their sites are down, and I cannot get answers from either of
the parties concerned.

Any suggestions on who my lawyer should be contacting?

Dave Hooper.
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