RE: [DNS] DNS updates and changes

RE: [DNS] DNS updates and changes

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Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 17:02:42 +1000
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At 04:25 PM 16/08/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>I have finaly got around to needed to do a Nameserver 
>change/update. I mean having it done at 2am and still not even active 
>locally is REALLY slow compaired to previous.
>Worst of All the cust thinks it is our fault. The New Nameserver list 
>is correct on and on but it has 
>not made it to people like telstra or connect's dns servers and is a 
>real problem.
>What is going on. It used to be a whole load quicker than this in the 
>past. Just seems to have to come to a block in the road with regards to

>DNS propagation.
>David Uzzell

	The propagation really depends on TTL. Normally this is set to
24hrs (may 
	be different), so while some NSs update quicker, some don't feel
the need 
	to update unless the record expires.

Now we are getting to the real point! Some servers don't bother checking
till the TTL runs outs. And now the issue is that some DNS have even
just dropped the domain all together which means it can't be a TTL

If all the Nameservers were setup as the RFC then we would have 1/2 the
probs we do. Sometime you toss up making the TTL sort just to solve the
prob but that has issues of it's own.

It has only been this bad since the Change over to the new system and
now people like Connect and Telsta are not primaries for .au like they
used to be.

Anyway! Griping is not getting it solved!


David Uzzell

	Kind regards,

	Lucian Kafka

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