Expiry dates and renewals notices.

Expiry dates and renewals notices.

From: Michael-Pappas <auda§michael-pappas.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 12:38:43 +1000 (EST)
et all..

I'm hoping that someone can out some light on this for me.

Domain names are allowed to be transfered at any time according to auDA
policy, does this include after expire?

If so, is the registrar obliged to change contact details (admin email) of
an expired domain name to facilitate a transfer away? Can the registrar
say that they can only renew the domain to get it back and working, then
and only then, change the admin email address?

If this is not allowed then what recourse can the the registrant and
subquent reseller take to get the admin email address changed post haste?
Also, we registered this domain name with valid contact details
originally, now that the new regime is in place it seems that the admin
email address of the domain name is lost and the new contact is entered as
unknown_contact&#167;ausregistry.net.au thus preventing transfers.

Also no renewal notice was sent by the registrar and upon the registrant
calling the registrar they blame the reseller who no longer resells for
the said registrar... as the reseller is not the authorised reseller for
thatregistrar under the policies is the reseller allowed to soliciate
transfers from the registrars registrants that were once there's in the
first place..?

Now I know that this is a confusing little so I'll go again.

Once a reseller of one registrar.
Changes to be reseller for another registrar.
Does not renew contract with first registrar (account suspended/canceled)

Can renewal/transfer advise be sent out under the auDA policies to those

Also it would be great if everyone could email me any domains that they
believe are in this same boat and have contact details removed from their
records so that I can create a listing of domains that I can include in
our listing as a reseller channel and submit these to the auDA to look
into it further.

Kind Regards,

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