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Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 14:02:34 +1000
I have made 2 seperate complaints to auDA regarding 2 different registrars.
On both occasions the Registrars were found to be at fault and were "spoken

It seems to me that even though registrars break the rules and are found
guilty no action is taken against them. Apparently none of them act "in bad

Perhaps complaints should be investigated by an independant body as opposed
to a sole Judge and Jury.

I wanted to know if the Board is made aware of complaints, and their
outcomes, made through the Complaints Policy. Also what course of action can
be taken to appeal a decision and is the board held responsible for
decisions made by auDA staff?


on 25/7/2002 2:39 AM, Ian Johnston at ian.johnston&#167; wrote:

> Policy No: 2002-21
> Publication Date: 24/07/2002
> Status: Current
> Source:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> As a consumer representative on the Code of Practice Drafting
> Committee - specifically working on complaints handling for over four
> months - I am surprised to find that auDA has been separately
> developing, and has now published, this Complaints Policy.  Why were
> the Committee's members not given an opportunity to comment on this
> Complaints Policy?
> I'm not aware of any public consultation on the development of this
> Complaints Policy or any notice of the publication of the Policy to
> auDA members or the public at large.  Why no consultation or notice?
> auDA's communication with members is lacking.  Why?
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