RE: [DNS] Expiry dates and renewals notices.

RE: [DNS] Expiry dates and renewals notices.

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 19:06:37 +1000
Hellio Michael,

> I'm hoping that someone can out some light on this for me.

I will try.
> Domain names are allowed to be transfered at any time 
> according to auDA
> policy, does this include after expire?

Yes.  There is a 14 day "grace" period after expiry, where the name is
removed from the zonefile but still available in the registry.  

After that, the name can neither be renewed or transferred, as the name is
scheduled for deletion.

> If so, is the registrar obliged to change contact details 
> (admin email) of
> an expired domain name to facilitate a transfer away? 

I believe so.

> Can the 
> registrar
> say that they can only renew the domain to get it back and 
> working, then
> and only then, change the admin email address?

I am not sure about this from a registry capability.  ie does the registry
allow a registrar to update the contact details after expiry, but before
deletion.  AusRegistry can probably give a definitive answer to this - I
haven't verified it myself.  It should be possible.

> Also no renewal notice was sent by the registrar and upon the 
> registrant
> calling the registrar they blame the reseller who no longer 
> resells for
> the said registrar... as the reseller is not the authorised 
> reseller for
> thatregistrar under the policies is the reseller allowed to soliciate
> transfers from the registrars registrants that were once 
> there's in the
> first place..?


Bruce Tonkin
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