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domain news

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Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 13:16:27 +1000 (EST)
auDA withdraws domain from auction winner
auDA last week said it would withdraw the name from the
person who won it in the authority's online auction.

Registrars rally behind ICANN 
Forty-four accredited registrars signed a letter Friday supporting
the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), amid
mounting criticism over the Internet naming body's operations and

The Fate of ICANN
VeriSign believes that ICANN's powers should be curtailed but other
registrars want to give the organization a chance to change before
being condemned.

ICANN of Worms
Even if you're a casual New Architect reader, you've likely noticed
that a new mug is staring out at you from above these words. I'm
pleased to inherit the leadership of the magazine from my esteemed
colleague Amit Asaravala. And while I'm not big on introductions, a
few words of prologue seem in order, if for no other reason than to
convince you that this magazine is in good hands.

More '.cn' to be seen in domain name
The number of Chinese-based domain names with the ".cn" suffix is
expected to climb enormously in the near future after the Ministry of
Information Technology eases its rules at the end of next month.

Fourth Status Report Under ICANN/US Government Memorandum of

From BNA Internet Law News:
Two rants from ICANN insiders raised heated debate and
surprise over the weekend.  ICANN board member Jonathan
Cohen labelled an ICANN editorial a "sensationalist piece of
crap" leading to an exchange between ICANN counsel Joe Sims
and ICANN expert Professor Michael Froomkin.  The Sims
posting resulted in a warning from the list manager about
the need for a minimum of decorum.  Postings at
<> [IP list]
Coverage at

Ad watchdog critical of Domain Registry of Europe
The Advertising watchdog has slammed Domain Registry of Europe (DRoE)
for misleading consumers over its mailshots that "look like bills".

FTSE "falls" in domain dispute
The Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange were given a slap
on the wrist after a WIPO panellist ruled that they had not provided
"one iota of evidence" that the registrant of had taken the
domain name in bad faith.

No reply and no one at home at domain names group's HQ
Companies and web masters that assigned long-term management rights
of Internet domain names to Internet Name Group (ING) will be reading
the fine print on their contracts this week.

Domain seller sinks out of sight
ONE of Australia's most controversial domain name sellers has shut
down its website and disconnected its phones.,7204,4928786%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

Williams wins cybersquatting case 
British pop star Robbie Williams has won his case to evict a
“cybersquatter” from a contested Web site, international arbitrators
said in a ruling published on Monday.,,t269-s2120988,00.html

Affiliate Domain Name Anxiety Syndrome
Are you an affiliate marketer with several Web sites? Do you break
out in a cold sweat when you decide to build a new affiliate site and
every solid domain name combination is taken? Are you constantly
trying to get the edge over competitors on the search engines? If you
answered "yes" to these questions, you're suffering from Domain Name
Anxiety Syndrome.

Call for Papers/Chapters for Book Series 
FORMATEX, a Spanish technological organization, in collaboration with
the Computer Science and Physics Department of the University of
Extremadura (Spain), is now editing a series of book on
Legal/technological aspects of Information Society. We are now
calling for papers/chapters for the first volume. The call for
papers' website is available at with details on deadlines,
manuscripts format, etc.

Deadline for articles submission is November 25th for this volume.

If you and/or your team is interested in contributing to this volume,
please contact us at formatex&#167; or directly to the
editor-in-chief A.Mendez-Vilas, which can be reached at:
Departamento de Fisica
Universidad de Extremadura
Avda. de Elvas s/n
06071 Badajoz

and provide us an abstract and a tentative title as soon as possible,
along with the list of authors and afilliations.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry or suggestion.
Best wishes from Spain.
J.A.Mesa Gonzalez
FORMATEX Secretariat - Yahoo! Digital How To
- Get the best out of your PC!
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