Re: [DNS] On Holiday with DDNS

Re: [DNS] On Holiday with DDNS

From: Blinky Bill <bill78562000§>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 04:19:21 +0100 (BST)
 --- Rod Keys <rod&#167;> wrote: > 

> As a reseller you must provide customer support to
> your clients that's Auda
> policy. Don't want to take call don't resell domain
> names
> >

Actually Rod I'm not a Reseller I just look after my

> We only send out advertising flyers that cannot
> possibly be termed renewal
> notices they explain very carefully that it is a
> offer and they need not
> take any action to renew with us you have no right
> what so ever to stop a
> genuine commercial activity.
> >

Yes you explain it so well that it amazes me how many
people don't understand. Perhaps we should ask Eddie
to have a group of Domain Name Registrants in his next
IQ test. 

> We both support and conduct ourselves according to
> the COC which I might add
> has not even become public yet. We are in contact
> with Auda on a regular
> basis with regard to policy matters and making sure
> we are within policy
> guidelines.
> >

As you are on the Code of Practice Drafting Committee
I am sure you know your policy inside and out. 

So what about the part that says you cant mention  a
specific domain name or related information such as
anexpiry date. Thats the first thing you do mention. 

I also don't see a clear explanation stating that my
client may require to transfer to another reseller of
the current registrar of record, or transfer to a new
domain name licence with a different registrar of

If you are in contact with auDA regularly then perhaps
the people you are in contact with should read their
own policies. Then again whats the point.

> > Oh I forget, isn't DDNS involved in making auDA
> policy
> > so therefore are immune to punishment.
> Absolute rubbish...   Why don't you get involved in
> Auda from a policy
> perspective and see how things really work there are
> no favors as you allude
> to.

I do.

>>. Blinky Bill ..really

I said I was on holiday.

Blinky (You can call me Bill)

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