Re: [DNS] domain news

Re: [DNS] domain news

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 09:31:41 +0100

FYI - the auDA accredited registrar that is registered in Barbados is actually
physically based in Nepean, Ontario (near Ottawa I think).  Which of course
begs the question - which aspect(s) of Canadian law are they avoiding?

In response to Keith's posting - I have an example of a domain that
was registered in violation of the allocation policy (the company
name submitted to the registry did not match the ACN) that required the
intervention of auDA before it was rectified.  The whole experience gave
me the distinct impression that the registrar involved did not fully appreciate
the requirements of the .au policies.  

This may well have only been an isolated incident, however it did demonstrate
to me how fragile and open to abuse (inadvertant or otherwise) the current
allocation policies are.  I just hope auDA has or plans to have some sort
of ongoing review of registrars processes to ensure that the integrity of
these policies is maintained.


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>> David's news posting included an SMH article about the Sydney opera house
>> fraud (see below).  It is worth pointing out that they didn't try it
>> the .au domain space.   Our registry has a degree of integrity that
>> safeguards many Australian consumers, even if they don't know it.
>> My personal experience is that I have yet to come across a single example
>> of a domain name registration within the and spaces that
>> contained false details.  They may be outdated, but never false.
>The Greeks had a word for this: hubris 
>Dear boy if you really think that by allowing companies based in Bridgetown
>and two bit $2 proprietory companies with no real tech background, money
>or resouces 
>to be registrars this integrity will be maintained - think again.
>We already have one accredited .au registrar who engages in very dubious
>with TLD domains (haven't we Ed?). How soon before these cowboys start
>ducks and drakes with the .au name space?
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