RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 10:07:22 +1000
Just for clarity, there is no secret to the relationship between
Registrars Asia and AusRegistry. Under the terms of the Registry Licence
Agreement (to which auDA, AusRegistry and Registrars Asia are all
parties) Registrars Asia agree not to conduct registrar business in .au.
However, there is nothing to prevent them from continuing to act as a
registrar in other ccTLD spaces or the gTLD spaces. This was made clear
in various announcements and documents published by auDA at the time the
tender was finalised.

Pursuant to this agreement, at the commencement of the new regime,
Registrars Asia ceased to act as a registrar in .au and the registrant
clients they held as a Melbourne IT reseller reverted back to MIT.

Hopefully this provides an explanation for those who have neither the
wit nor the ethics to check publicly available information prior to
making derogatory comments.


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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> Cyrille,
> I agree with you.
> That is why we have added certain IP addresses to the "blacklist"
> exemption. This is a temporary measure for the resellers until the
> registrars are able to offer these services.
> The last thing we need is the whois database being harvested.
> Adrian Kinderis
> MD - Sales and Marketing
> AusRegistry Pty. Ltd.
> Level 6, 10 Queens Rd. 
> Melbourne, Victoria. 3004
> P: 03 9866 3710
> F: 03 9866 1970
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> W:

Apropos of previous correspondence, has anyone else noticed the
between the fax number of Ausregistry ie. 03 9866 1970 and
RegistrarsAsia ie. 03 9866 
1970. How can we be sure that there is no data sharing by these two
entities when they 
do not have either the wit, ethical sensitivity or apparently the
resources to arrange 
separate fax facilities?

Please explain.


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