Re: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

Re: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

From: David G Thompson <dgt§>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 17:14:54 -0700

I am struggling to understand what:

ethical sensitivity (i.e. the ability to recognize the ethical or moral 
implications of situations); and

have to do with data sharing.

Your e-mail rather reminded me of the sort of thing that Paul McDermott 
used to put up on the ABC show Good News Week when they introduced three 
of four disparate items and asked panel members to deduce the story.

More clues please :-)

 From the CA hottub


Chris Berkeley wrote:

How can we be sure that there is no data sharing by these two entities 
when they
do not have either the wit, ethical sensitivity or apparently the 
resources to arrange
separate fax facilities?

Please explain
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