domain news - 9 Sept + ILPF Security v Privacy conference + book on Techno-Legal aspects of Information Society

domain news - 9 Sept + ILPF Security v Privacy conference + book on Techno-Legal aspects of Information Society

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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 18:28:13 +1000 (EST)
Hi all

As from last week, the au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), who has
the responsibility of operating the .au domain has commenced
supporting my domain name news. For the latest domain news, please go
to Here you will find the latest
domain name news, along with an archive of domain name news. Domain
name news will be posted here prior to being posted on any of the
lists I post the news to, so check it out if you want more recent


Canadian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Now In Force (reg
After months of consultation, the Canadian Internet Registration
Authority (CIRA) has just announced that the Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy for dot-ca domain names is now in force. This means
that owners of Canadian trade-marks now have available to them a
mechanism for disputing the registration of confusingly similar
dot-ca domain names that is as quick and inexpensive as the mechanism
under ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) for disputing
the registration of dot-com domain names.

ICANN Delays .org Operator Selection
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
delayed its decision in the selection of a new operator for the .org
domain registry.

Fifth Update on .org Reassignment Process
This is an update on the status of the evaluation of the eleven
applications ICANN received from entities seeking to become the
registry operator for the .org top-level domain on 1 January 2003,
when VeriSign, Inc. gives up that role. For more information, see the
previous updates that were published on 25 July 2002, 4 August 2002,
21 August 2002, and 4 September 2002.

ICANN serves breach notice on VeriSign
ICANN have served a formal notice on registration giant VeriSign
after they breached their Registrar accreditation agreement by
failing to update false or incorrect WHOIS data.

'Cyber-squatter' gets jump on Maori names 
A former Tainui executive who has snapped up potentially valuable
names on the new internet suffix denies he is exacting utu
or revenge. 
Craig Beecroft, sacked by Tainui but later acquitted in court of
fraud allegations, said he had moved on from his dispute with his
former employers.

Teething troubles for
Domainz temporarily suspended web registrations for names
yesterday due to "technical difficulties" but by late afternoon the
system appeared to be working again.!opendocument

David & Goliath domain battle: reluctant David wins
In a slightly bizarre WIPO decision over the domain, a
battle of hardly-Biblical proportions has been resolved with the
little guy winning - even though he wasn't up for a fight...

VeriSign told to tidy records or lose domain biz
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
threatened to strip VeriSign of its ability to sell ".com" domain
names if the registrar does not clean up inaccuracies in the public
database that records who owns which websites.!opendocument

Appeals Court Upholds $65-Million Jury Award in Domain Case
A federal appeals court dismissed the appeal of a fugitive who lost a
$65-million verdict last year over his theft of the lucrative
Internet domain name domain thief appeal denied
The man found guilty of fraudulently obtaining the domain
name has had his appeal case thrown out.,1367,54962,00.html

Forgot to renew your domain? Never mind, it did it itself
This morning (and indeed yesterday morning) The Register received a
nice email from our doppelgangers at, telling us our
registration of is about to expire (on October 16th,
something of a loose definition of 'about') and that it'd be renewed
via the automatic renewal program on September 27th. The what?

Longest UDRP Case Ends Over Two Years Later (from
The Stanley Works, makers of several well-known brands of tools, 
prevailed last week in the longest running UDRP case. National
Arbitration Forum Panelist Charles K. McCotter, Jr. issued his
decision two years and four months after the complaint was initially
filed on April 27, 2000. McCotter ordered respondent McNeil &
Associates to transfer four domain names to The Stanley Works.

California Attorney Wins Personal Name Challenge Under ACPA Provision
California attorney Paul Wright became the second individual to
succeed under the AntiCybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA)
provision allowing for cyberpiracy protection for individuals. On
August 28, 2002, US District Court Judge Joan Lefkow ruled that
Domain Source had registered in  violation of 15 USC

VeriSign Embraces MasterCard System 
Online payment processor VeriSign Inc. has embraced an anti-fraud
system that promises to decrease merchants' losses from stolen credit
cards but could increase the checkout time for Internet shoppers.

Wrong Turn In Cyberspace: Using ICANN To Route Around The APA and the
Constitution (2000)
The Internet relies on an underlying centralized hierarchy built into
the domain name system (DNS) to control the routing for the vast
majority of Internet traffic. At its heart is a single data file,
known as the "root." Control of the root provides singular power in
This Article first describes how the United States government found
itself in control of the root. It then describes how, in an attempt
[*pg 18] to meet concerns that the United States could so dominate an
Internet chokepoint, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) summoned
into being the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), a formally private nonprofit California corporation. DoC
then signed contracts with ICANN in order to clothe it with most of
the U.S. government's power over the DNS, and convinced other parties
to recognize ICANN's authority. ICANN then took regulatory actions
that the U.S. Department of Commerce was unable or unwilling to make
itself, including the imposition on all registrants of Internet
addresses of an idiosyncratic set of arbitration rules and procedures
that benefit third-party trademark holders.
Professor Froomkin then argues that the use of ICANN to regulate in
the stead of an executive agency violates fundamental values and
policies designed to ensure democratic control over the use of
government power, and sets a precedent that risks being expanded into
other regulatory activities. He argues that DoC's use of ICANN to
make rules either violates the APA's requirement for notice and
comment in rulemaking and judicial review, or it violates the
Constitution's nondelegation doctrine. Professor Froomkin reviews
possible alternatives to ICANN, and ultimately proposes a
decentralized structure in which the namespace of the DNS is spread
out over a transnational group of "policy partners" with DoC.

The Internet Law & Policy Forum’s annual conference, Security v.
Privacy, is happening in Seattle, Washington,  Wednesday and Thursday
September 18-19 at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.  To register,
please visit 

Our dynamic and ever-growing conference lineup offers a host of
compelling speakers plus a Special Briefing by Howard Schmidt, Vice
Chairman of the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
on the newly announced National Strategy for Securing Cyberspace. 
(Read more about the initial announcement of this long-awaited plan
at,3959,503728,00.asp .)  

Also speaking will be George Radwanski, Canada's Privacy
Commissioner; Malcolm Crompton, Australia's Federal Privacy
Commissioner; Gail Hamilton, EVP, Symantec; Richard Purcell,
Corporate Privacy Officer, Microsoft'; and many others on substantive
and timely topics.

Conference-goers will benefit greatly from the host of peer
conversations, formal presentations, those all-important meeting
breaks, and a welcome reception, so please do join us for the most
current thinking and international perspectives in Internet security,
privacy, law and policy.  
If you register by Thursday, 12 September, you will receive $200 off
the full registration fee — just enter CPN3 in the priority
code/coupon code field. Sorry, this discount does not apply to our
low government/academic/non-profit rate and can’t be used with other

Hotel rooms are still available at the nearby Edgewater Hotel. Please
contact ETI Travel at to make a
FORMATEX, a Spanish technological organization, in collaboration with
Computer Science and Physics Department of the University of
(Spain), is now editing a volume within our Information Society book
series, on Techno-Legal aspects of Information Society. Some of the
covered by this edition are:

Security of Information Systems 
Networks and Liberties 
Informatic crimes
Public security vs. secret communications
Legal protection of sotware and digital contents 
Electronic signature 
Electronic means of payment 
Ethical issues 
Law and Computer Science 
Legal Expert Systems 
Cybersquatting, Typosquatting, etc
Domain names and Trademarks 
Thesaurus and documental techniques 
Law Databases  
Law in Internet 

The Call for Papers' website is available at 

with details on deadlines, manuscripts format, etc. Deadline for
submission is November 25th for this volume.

If you and/or your team is interested in contributing to this volume,
please contact us at formatex&#167; or directly to the
editor-in-chief A.Mendez-Vilas, which can be reached at:
Departamento de Fisica
Universidad de Extremadura
Avda. de Elvas s/n
06071 Badajoz

and provide us an abstract and a tentative title as soon as possible,
along with the list of authors and afilliations.

A list of received/accepted proposals is being posted at the Call for
Papers' website (Preliminary Content section).
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry or suggestion.
J.A.Mesa Gonzalez
FORMATEX Secretariat
Phone/Fax: +34 924 258 615
E-mail: isbook2002&#167;


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