NetRegister Renewal Process

NetRegister Renewal Process

From: ginger FISH <cyrille.lefevre§>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 23:57:57 +1000
If NetRegister do not have an account with a Registrar, how are they
planning on processing renewals ?
Is their plan to submit renewal requests directly through the existing
registrar of record on behalf of the registrant, using the “registrant’s”
credit card details ?  Probably not.

If a consumer responds to their mail out, requesting registration or
renewal, and supplies his/her credit card details, the consumer is
authorising “NetRegister” to charge their credit card. If NetRegister then
use the consumer’s credit card details to purchase goods or services from
another party, that would be pure credit card fraud. Worth a test, respond
to their mail-out, provide your details, check your bank statements.

Another scenario:  The folks at Internet Registry Pty Ltd (NetRegister) have
20 credit cards between them and they alternate between Registrars and the
credit cards used. 20 credit cards x 20 registrations x 12 registrars = 4800
consumers successfully deceived in one month alone, and very little anyone
can do about it, is that correct ??

ginger FISH
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