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Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 21:54:07 +1000 (EST)
Cybersquatting Law Gets Longer Reach
Expanding the reach of a 1999 federal act meant to curb
cybersquatting, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has
ruled that aggrieved parties can use the act's in rem
provisions not just to stop bad-faith Internet domain name
registration, but also to combat trademark infringement and

Dot-biz arbitration decision challenged 
Domain name registrar Internetters will challenge a US
arbitration decision in the UK High Court in one of the few
cases of its kind.
The UK company objects to a decision by the ICANN-appointed
National Arbitration Forum (NAF) that stripped it of its
domain The US sole panellist found the
company had no rights to the domain name and ordered its
assignment to Pennsylvania-based Inc.

Domain firm sets rules for kids' web zone 
Sex, violence and the "seven dirty words" prohibited by the
U.S. Federal Communications Commission would be banned from
a children's Internet domain, according to preliminary
guidelines released by the domain manager.,1283,55032,00.html

New Dot-Kids.US Rules Released
NeuStar Inc. - which plans to set up the kid-friendly domain - has released preliminary guidelines on
the administration of the new domain. NeuStar said it would
rely on existing guidelines for television and advertising
to determine what material would be appropriate. Developers
would have to follow FCC rules for radio and television,
which bar profanity and require some educational content,
while advertisements would have to comply with guidelines
set up by a BBB panel. Guidelines at:

China hijacks Google's domain name
Try to access Google Inc.'s search engine from inside China
and there's a good chance you'll instead be sent to
Tianwang Search, a search engine operated by China's
prestigious Peking University.

Domain names to be transferred to iwi
The company that bought a number of newly coined
domain names for various iwi has agreed to transfer the
names to the iwi concerned if they cover the $74 transfer

Domain Name Delays Creating Confusion (2001)
For several years, the Internet community has debated
whether to expand the number of top-level domains available
for registration. While the debate has included some
important issues -- such as how to protect trademark rights
-- the delays have led to great confusion. In this
commentary, founder Doug Isenberg discusses the
problems this ongoing debate has created.

Ground-Breaking Decision On CO.DK Domain (Baker & McKenzie
Global E-Law Alert -
DIFO, the body responsible for registering domain names in
Denmark, has lost an important case regarding the sublevel
domain The claimant, Digital Marketing Support ApS,
registered the domain name with DIFO in January 1997.
Such registration makes it possible for the claimant to
sell domain names with the sublevel domain Seeking
to control the registration of .dk domains, including
domains, in 2000 DIFO decided to revoke the claimant's
registration of the domain. The claimant requested
the City Court of Copenhagen to grant an injunction
prohibiting DIFO from de-registering the domain. The
city court refused to grant this injunction. This refusal
has been reversed by the Eastern High Court. The High
Court, decided on 30 August 2002 that the registration
should be maintained, as DIFO had no legitimate right to
control the registration of the domain name In
coming to its conclusion the High Court found that the
claimant was not bound by the Articles of DIFO and that it
was not proved that the de-registration was in accordance
with ICANNs RFC 1591 and ICP-1. DIFO has applied for
permission to bring the case before the Supreme Court. Such
permission is only given in special circumstances.

Online Maori enter new domain
A new domain has been launched on the worldwide web in what
is believed to be a first for indigenous people.

'Cyber-squatter' gets jump on Maori names 
A former Tainui executive who has snapped up potentially
valuable names on the new internet suffix denies
he is exacting utu or revenge.

ING reaches out from beyond the grave
Internet Name Group, the Melbourne-based domain name
registrar that was placed in "voluntary administration",
has reached out from beyond the grave to hassle more New
Zealand name holders.!opendocument

Hanna Barbara wins Scooby Doo domain name appeal
Hanna Barbara have won their Nominet appeal over the domain
name after a three member panel ruled
domains used for fan sites could be construed as "unfair".


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